Thursday, December 29, 2011

Maple & Rufus are going to have puppies!!!!

For those of you who have visited us in the past sorry for our lack of input. We do have good news. Maple 2 1/2 and Rufus 1 1/2 have done what they do on the Discovery Channel and we are expecting a litter of Puppies in late Jan / early Feb 12.

Maple was in to see the Vet yesterday and confirmed that she is expecting. The kids are excited as you can imagine. We will be up dating the blog in the weeks to come with the preparations for the pups to welp and onwards from there.


Blake said...

Good evening
I am wondering if you are taking EOI on your upcoming pups?
My father had to get his old gun dog put down and he has recently started talking about a new pup to train up. It has taken him 12 months to begin to even consider.
I would be very interested in one of your pups if possible.
Can you please contact me on

Many thanks